How to Apply

Caregivers must coordinate with the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) to apply for our adult day program. If accepted, there is no direct cost to the participant.

2d How to Apply

Step 1 | Preliminary Meeting

Before you contact DDDS for a referral, we want to make sure our program is a good fit. Please complete the preliminary interest form, send to [email protected] and our team will contact you within three business days. If appropriate, we will schedule a tour at the desired location so the prospective participant can experience the day program in person.

Step 2 | DDDS Referral

If your loved one is a good candidate for the program and would like to begin attending within a few months, contact DDDS through the case manager/family support specialist (CS/FSS). They will send us a packet of information about the participant such as the Inventory for Client and Agency Planning Assessment (ICAP) and Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Step 3 | Admissions Decision

Once received, the Forward Journey Admissions Committee will review the information and provide a final decision within ten business days. If accepted, we’ll begin the process of preparing for the participant’s first day. If not, we’ll provide reasons why Forward Journey is not a good fit for the prospective participant and suggest alternative programs.