Caregiver Support

It takes a team to ensure that adults with severe disabilities have every opportunity for a fulfilling, enjoyable life. We work closely with every participant’s family to become a trusted partner, looking for ways to improve quality of life for everyone involved.

2c Caregiver Support

Collaborating for the best possible outcomes

Before admission, your loved one’s care team develops a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) which Forward Journey follows. This critical conversation ensures that our programming meets the participant’s needs, aligns with their interests and goals, and supports your family. At a minimum, this would include you, the participant, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) caseworker or community navigator, and the Forward Journey Nurse and Program Manager/Program Specialist. We’ll repeat this process every year (or sooner if something changes) to keep the plan relevant and motivating for the participant.

Daily reporting provides peace of mind

While the PCP is important for overall planning, Forward Journey also communicates with caregivers on a daily basis to ensure participants are healthy, comfortable, and safe.

Daily note 

You’ll receive a report at the end of the day that details the day’s activities, amount of food eaten, number of times voided, and anything special or unusual observed that day. We’ll also request any needed supplies.

New behaviors 

If there’s a new habit manifesting or a change in typical habits, Forward Journey will contact you to understand what is going on, see if these changes are also observed at home, and offer support to all involved.

Seizure report 

Many participants have a documented seizure disorder. Each person has a unique protocol outlining procedures in the event of a seizure. We’ll provide a written report if the participant has a seizure that doesn’t require medical intervention.

Injury report 

Depending on the severity, we’ll send a note or the nurse will call the participant’s main contact to report a bruise or other injury. 


In the event of a suspected head injury, we’ll immediately transport the participant to the emergency room and notify the contact person. Otherwise, we’ll follow the protocol outlined in the PCP for other emergencies. Forward Journey nurses and program managers have the final authority to arrange emergency treatment while the participant is in our care.  

Support for families with disabilities

Caregivers of adults with disabilities have a lot of details to manage. That’s why we created the Caregiver Portal on our website. You can find our program handbook, frequently needed forms, important contacts, winter weather procedures, and other information in one place. Our team is also happy to help you problem-solve issues with your loved one, find other resources in the community, or connect with other parents and guardians. We’re only a phone call away.

Juneteenth Holiday

Recognizing the Juneteenth holiday, both Forward Journey Adult Day Services locations will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.        Happy Freedom Day!

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